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Our Programs

Top 20, Inc. currently operates two programs, Top 20 II Dance and Mentoring Program and Project Connect. The value of Top 20 programs are the life benefits that are being derived by the children. As a result of the program, we have seen significant improvements in the children’s behavior, emotional well-being, and academic performance while, also building social capital among families, schools, and communities. By empowering students, we are helping them to recognize and maximize their potential in life. 


Top 20 II

For nearly a decade. our dance and mentoring program’s unique combination of dance training, mentoring, community service, and field trip delivers a set of practical life skills that lead students to make choices that will improve their health, enhance their educational accomplishments, and become engaged citizens. 

Top 20 II Dance and Mentoring Program, promotes:

  • a healthy lifestyle, self-esteem, and teamwork through dance;

  • constructive life choices through mentoring;

  • leadership and empathy through community service; and,

  • cultural enrichment through field trips.

Top 20 II

Project Connect

We have partnered with Carrie Gosch Early Learning Center to implement Project Connect. Project Connect provides strategies that effectively engage parents with their students’ activities.


The purpose of this project is to assist parents in supporting the academic achievement of their children.  We provide the parent's strategies to fully engage with the schools, encourage the excitement of their children to discover new things, and empower them to confidently reinforce at home what their children learn.  The value of the program is helping parents to ensure their students thrive, strengthening families, and increasing life benefits to the children.  The program will produce significant improvements in children’s behavior, emotional well-being, and academic performance while building social capital among families, schools, and communities.   

Project Connect

Health and Wellness Program

Social workers in the School City of East Chicago (SCEC) reported an exacerbated impact of Covid-19 on the mental health of teachers and paraprofessionals.  A national study suggested that much of staff stress is related to managing their families from home while simultaneously incorporating new procedures and technology into teaching remotely.  Therefore, Top 20, Inc., working with Purdue Nutrition Education Program designed a project to serve teachers and paraprofessionals in the School City of East Chicago (SCEC). Together we developed a series of workshops and presentations to help alleviate the mounting stress staff had undergone due to the impact of the pandemic and to improve their health.  This initiative was funded by Franciscan Health Alliance.

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Cooking with Math

Top 20, Inc. received a grant from Franciscan Health Alliance to operate a pilot project during the 2022-2023 schoolyear in East Chicago, Indiana entitled “Cooking with Math.”  Top 20, Inc. is offering this program in collaboration with Purdue Extension’s Nutrition Education Program (NEP). 

The intent of the program is to: (1) help the students learn and understand measurement by preparing healthy recipes; (2) provide nutrition education and healthy meals to the students; (3) share nutrition information and recipes with the parents; (4) engage the students in a fun, educational activity; and, (5) benefit those students in the school system and their families that are food insecure.

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Uber the Literacy Program

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