Starting a non-profit can be an uphill battle in many ways; however, there are always like-minded individuals and organizations that care about the well-being of others, particularly our children. We are deeply grateful and honored by those that share our vision and have financially demonstrated their commitment to Top 20 Inc. to ensure our success.


Board of Directors
Former Top 20 Alumni
Gold Top Hat Supporter ($500)
Platinum Top Hat Supporter (above $500)
Primary Supporter


Adrienne Walker Garrett - T20

Andre Hunt Hobson - T20
Arlenda Foree - T20
Ashley Burns - LT20
Barbara Velasco Melendez - T20
Becky Cabrera - T20
Bernadine Kennedy Kent - Associate
Bette Velasco Wilson -BD

Beverly Jenkins

Brenda Holmes

Brad & Genie Harris
Camille Clayton - BD
Carolyn Upshaw Royal - BD

Cynthia Johnson - T20
Dana Davidson Johnson **-T20
Debra Williams - BD

DeEtta Ard McDonald **
Diana Garcia Burns - T20

Donna Berry Spears* - T 20
Ella Mae Anderson Hogan - BD
Elma Anderson

Enterprise Development & Mgmt **
Foundations of East Chicago**
Frank Mrvan North Township Trustee
Gale Gillis Carter - T20
George & Deborah Verbish
Gloria Velasco

Indiana Arts Commission **
Indiana University Kinesiology Dept.*
Irene Lopez Garin
Iris Rosa Artis - T20

Jack and Jill**
James A. Gramling Jr.
Janet Bailey Givens - BD

Janice Baker

Jacquelynnee Burden-Conyers
Jesse Gomez



Joice Kelly - T20

Josephine Martinez

Joyce Stallings Hayden - T20

Karen Upshaw Crosby - T20
Kathy Bailey Lofton - BD

L & R Innovations
Legacy Foundation**
Linda Harmon McDaniel - T20

Linda Velasco -BD
Lisa Valenti

Madeline Dumas Cooper *

Manna, Inc **

Matthew Hunter - BD

M.A. Dennis
Marion Savich Hoyda - T20
Michael McCulley *

Michael & Chanel Harris
Mildred Morgan Ball - BD
Nora Berlanga Wiergacz
Nora Vega Kowalisyn - T20

Nyrhe Royal
Pamela Abernathy Douglas - T20
Phyllis Box Wallace - T20

Rebecca Cavasos

Rachel Kaye - T20
Rada Jandrich Neal - T20
Ralph Flores Jr.
Rita Jacque Gillis - BD
Roberta (Rada) Flores
Roberta Anderson Cunningham - T20
Sabrina Reed - T20

School City of East Chicago
St. Catherine Hospital **
Sylvia Upshaw Kenner - T20

Terril Bailey - Associate

Toni Williams Debose - T20


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