New permission slips for Top 20 II Dance & Mentoring Program COMING SOON

To participate in the Top 20 II Dance & Mentoring Program, parents or legal guardians of East Chicago students grades pre-K through 12 must contact Ms. Debra Williams, Program Coordinator, to get a permission slip for the after school and Saturday classes. 

Students in need of school bus transportation will need an additional permission slip signed by their parent or legal guardian.

BOTH permission slips MUST be signed by a parent or guardian in order to participate...NO EXCEPTIONS.

NOTE: The parent/guardian and their child (children) must agree to all rules and regulations set forth by leaders and dance instructors of Top 20 II for the duration of the program while on the bus, during school hours, and all Top 20 activities. 

Top 20 II Participant Expectations:

  1. Students are expected to behave at all times. This includes, and is not limited to, Top 20 dance class, regular school hours, on the school bus, field trips, etc.

  2.  Cell phones will be collected and kept in a safe place during program activities. Unless there is an emergency, students may retrieve their cell phones prior to boarding the school bus.

  3.  Students must clean up their litter BEFORE departing the bus.

Students who don't want to follow the rules will NOT be permitted to continue in Top 20. Parents will be notified immediately if their child is removed from the program and/or any of its activities due to bad behavior.  

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