Top 20 II Program

Top 20, Inc. welcomes girls residing in East Chicago, Indiana to participate in Top 20 II, which includes three elements: 1) modern dance, 2) mentoring, and 3) community service.

Modern Dance

Dance is the central component of our program as we believe it provides the most compelling interest for the girls' participation. Students are provided a handbook and study guide to assist with learning and reinforcing the information discussed.

Throughout the course of the program, the girls are introduced to different styles of dance starting with modern dance. Students learn locomotor techniques, modern dance history, dance movement combinations, group collaboration, performance preparation, and aspects of physical fitness. They are instructed in critical thinking skills and learn increased body awareness while also developing self- confidence. Students are taken on field trips to see collegiate and/or professional dance companies perform, and will be required to provide oral and written reflections pertaining to their visit.

Each term will culminate with a dance recital to provide the students an opportunity to showcase their talents to their families, friends, and community.


Though Top 20 II focuses primarily on dance, we believe that mentoring is a key factor in helping the girls develop life goals and aspire to achieve them. We engage them in a variety of topics related to health, character building, college and career preparation, and leadership. Sensitive topics will require parental approval prior to discussion.

Community Service

The third element of Top 20 II is introducing the girls to the community around them through volunteer and service projects. They will be encouraged to participate and will learn:

  • the value of helping others
  • to discuss issues that affect the community
  • to develop interests, skills, and talents
  • to appreciate social and cultural differences

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