In an effort to contribute to their home community, several female alumni of East Chicago Indiana's Washington High School Top 20 dance performance team formed Top 20, Inc., a  nonprofit organization, in 2011. The life lessons learned while participating in the original Top 20 program during the years of 1961-1977 deeply impacted the young girls who participated in the dance training/mentoring program. Now, more than 40 years later, these successful, strong women have formed Top 20, Inc. to continue the tradition of empowering others to make positive life choices.

The organization carries on the core values established by the founder of Top 20, Mildred M. Ball. Under Mrs. Ball's tutelage, and through rigorous dance training the young women of the original Top 20 dance troop, and now themselves founders of Top 20, Inc., flourished. Sharing their dance talents at sporting events, parades, and festivals, the young women gained an appreciation for life values such as good health, academic achievement, and giving back to one's community.

Today, these same women are investing in the growth and development of girls and boys who live primarily in East Chicago, Indiana and matriculate through the School City of East Chicago. Top 20, Inc. is committed to using the knowledge and skills of its leaders to advance the organization. In return, the organization requires that every participant willingly seek academic excellence, respect others and their opinions, and demonstrate good behavior in order to participate in the 3-tiered program (dance, mentoring, community service) and demonstrate.

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