Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Top 20, Inc. has worked to improve the quality of life for teenage girls in East Chicago, Indiana since its inception in 2011. The organization's first 3-year Strategic Plan, sets a course for improvement and sustainability while continuing to positively impact the lives of young girls and now, as of 2017, young boys as well as the community.

The plan, created by the board and outside consultants during the fall of 2013, introduces revised vision, mission and value statements, and outlines strategic priorities and goals. This careful and deliberative work is a window into the organization's view of the future. The plan was originally developed with funding support from the Foundations of East Chicago and the Legacy Foundation.

As Top 20, Inc. moves forward it is guided by its mission: To enable young people to make positive life choices. The organization has chosen to carry out this mission by focusing on three interrelated programmatic priorities. They are:

  1. Dance training

  2. Mentoring

  3. Community Service

The program's unique combination of dance training, educational mentoring and community service delivers a set of practical life skills that lead students to make choices that will eventually improve their health, enhance their education accomplishments, and become engaged citizens.

The Strategic Plan identifies the following goals:

  • Foster and build community support for Top 20, Inc. in its quest to enhance the ability of its participants to make positive life choices.

  • Expand awareness of the importance of physical fitness, good health, and engaged citizenship among peers.

  • Strengthen the economic sustainability of Top 20, Inc. and its enrichment efforts.

The organization is committed to accomplishing these goals in support of the mission. The program's scope is relevant to the needs of youths who face significant challenges in an urban environment. The impact is deep, touching the lives not just of young children, but also their parents/guardians, families, schools and ultimately their community. With the assistance of the community, Top 20, Inc. is creating a culture that more fully supports the positive life choices of our youth. It is our hope that a strong, fiscally sound Top 20, Inc. will ensure that its participants and the community will continue to reap the benefits of the organization long into the future.

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