Who We Are

In an effort to give back to their community, Top 20, Inc. was formed by female alumni of East Chicago, Indiana Washington High School who performed under the name of Top 20 from 1961 through 1977. During those years they performed at sporting events during half time, at concerts, and other special occasions such as dance seminars, parades and festivals to which the group was invited.

Far more important than the rigorous dance training provided, the founder of Top 20, Mildred M. Ball, instilled values and emphasized character to each of the Top 20 members. The life lessons acquired during their high school years have produced a group of strong women locally and throughout the country that are dedicated to helping girls and boys to succeed.

The organization will accomplish growth and development of students (Top 20 II), grades 4-12, who reside primarily in East Chicago, Indiana by:

  • Conducting dance workshops and seminars to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Creating programs that promote constructive choices, college preparedness, career readiness, and leadership development.
  • Providing counseling for educational scholarship opportunities and diverse career options.
  • Heightening a commitment to the community through service projects.
  • Advancing cultural enrichment to broaden awareness of local and global affairs.

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NOTICE: East Chicago, Indiana schools are CLOSED due to Covid-19/corona virus. 

Top 20, Inc. Board of Directors and Top 20 II dance instructors are currently preparing to serve East Chicago students alternatively via online virtual sessions.

Major Sponsors

Top 20, Inc. is sponsored by School City of East Chicago, Legacy Foundation, Strack & Van Til, South Shore Arts, Manna, Inc. and Foundations of East Chicago. This project is also made possible by the support of the Indiana Arts Commission, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


To our sponsors and supporters
for donating to our 3rd Annual Fundraiser on Friday, November 8, 2019 at the Ameristar. 



1st Place Prize $1000 Value

1 Week Time Share in Las Vegas


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3rd Place Prize $250 Value

3 PC Luggage Set

Top 20, Inc. News

Top 20, Inc. receives grant from the Legacy Foundation

Top 20, Inc. receives grant from the Foundations of East Chicago

Upcoming fundraiser event:

Top 20 golf outing fundraiser  plans have been CANCELLED

due to Covid-19 pandemic

...stay tuned and be safe!

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In addition to dance, Top 20 Participants are encouraged to focus on the following choices:

 1. Choose to be drug free

 2. Choose to practice personal hygiene

 3. Chose to stay active

 4. Choose to eat healthy, balanced meals

 5. Choose to learn your bodies

 6. Choose academic excellence

 7. Choose to nurture your dreams

 8. Choose to be positively persistent

 9. Choose to think before you act

10. Choose to be open to new ideas

11. Choose to serve your community

12. Chose to encourage and enlightens others

13. Choose to listen to others

14. Choose to love and respect others

15. Choose to learn about your community

16. Choose to accept diversity

17. Choose your words and actions wisely

18. Choose justice and stand up for what is right

19. Choose to dress appropriately

20. Choose to be responsible

Our Mission

To enable our youth make 

positive life choices

Our Vision

Top 20, Inc. sees a bright and successful future for every child as we help them to use:

The motion of their bodies 

to stay fit and have fun

The motion of their minds 

to think and accomplish great things

The motion of their hearts 

to do good works

The motion of their spirits 

to influence others and to be at the TOP of everything they do

The impact of Top 20 is deep, touching lives not just of our youth, but also their parents/guardians, families, schools and ultimately their community.  With the assistance of other community leaders, Top 20, Inc. is creating a culture that fully supports learning and knowing the importance of making positive life choices.   A strong, fiscally sound Top 20, Inc. will ensure that our youth and the community will continue to receive the benefits of the organization into the future.  

-Make the right choice- 

support Top 20, Inc. 

and the 

Top 20 II Dance & Mentoring Program

To inquire about our program contact 

Debra Williams (219) 201-6798