Mentoring Program

The "20 Choices to Live By" is a checklist that we use as a reminder of the various challenges we all face. The students are encouraged to memorize these positive choices. Poster-sized lists are always visible and lengthy discussions between instructors and students may occur at any given time. As they develop physically and socially, we know their strong character will be an asset to the community, as well as their future endeavors.

20 Choices to Live By

  1. Choose to be drug free.
  2. Choose to practice good oral hygiene.
  3. Choose to stay active throughout your life.
  4. Choose to eat healthy, balanced meals each day.
  5. Choose to learn your bodies so you know when something is wrong.
  6. Choose academic excellence.
  7. Choose to dream and nurture those dreams.
  8. Choose persistence and perseverance.
  9. Choose to think before you act.
  10. Choose to be open to new ideas and experiences.
  11. Choose to provide service to your school and your community.
  12. Choose to encourage, enlighten, and energize those around you.
  13. Choose to listen to others.
  14. Choose love and self-respect.
  15. Choose to learn about your community.
  16. Choose to accept diversity.
  17. Choose your words and actions wisely.
  18. Choose justice and stand up for what is right.
  19. Choose to dress appropriately.
  20. Choose to be responsible.

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